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Parwaan National Center of Excellence, Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training launched its campaign Parwaan ka karwaan through an open house event to celebrate the success of its youth social entrepreneurship and early childhood care and education programme – “Parwaan Preschool – A School Readiness Programme”.

Parwaan ka karwaan is a movement committed to making 0.5 million early childhood centers in Pakistan  and ensuring access to ECCD education for children. Upon completion of its pilot phase, 1000 more early childhood education centers will be initiated. With 1,500 young people and 300 children from all over Pakistan participating in the event, these commitments paved way for ensuring Early Childhood Education for all Pakistani children.  

The programme addresses two distinct issues prevalent in Pakistan – lack of early childhood services for 3-5 years children and youth unemployment. Parwaan has created a National model with the pilot where 135 youth were skilled to establish their early childhood care and education (ECCE) centers. Currently, 1498 children are availing early childhood care and education services at these centers. Youth are linked to financing services at Akhuwat to further improve their centres. During 2016-19, 5000 youth entrepreneurs will be trained which will provide ECCE services to 72000 3-5 years age group children. This program is supported by ILM2 with financing from DFID.  Parwaan commits to establish 0.5 million ECCE centers across the country in the next ten years.

Parwaan Ka Karwaan celebrated the success of social entrepreneurs and to familiarize the stakeholders with programme features. The event revolved around early childhood care and education and social entrepreneurship. Notable attendees included Engr. Muhammad Baligh-ur-Rehman, Minister of State for Federal Education and Professional Training, Mr. Ali Raza, Advisor Prime Minister’s Education Reforms and Country Director World Bank Illangovan Patchamuthu. The event was attended by educationists, civil society members, early childhood development specialists, entrepreneurs, stakeholders and a large number of youth.

Minister for Federal Education and Professional Training Engnr. Baligh ur Rehman shared that the Ministry is improving the policy and guidelines for from ECED in line with International standards. We are now equipping the youth with skills that will provide early years provisions to the most marginalized of Pakistan. He kick started the five for five campaign and announced the governments support to the 0.5 million centers led by Parwaan.

Ali Raza explained prime minister’s education reforms, congratulated Parwaan and announced his support for the Parwaan’s initiative and reiterated that PM reform program has introduced innovations in public private partnerships as no one entity can provide equitable education and all partners have to join hands. He stated that the government needs to consolidate and integrate different functions within to create a one window operation facilitating education interventions in Pakistan.


Parwaan ka Karwaan event enthralled the entrepreneurs, teachers and students from all over Pakistan to theater performance on parental involvement in early years by Institute of Performing Arts Lahore. This event launched a movement of commitment of youth in taking a driving seat for addressing the challenges of Pakistan. The theatre, the poems from children, and speeches were geared to motivate young people to take control of their own destiny and help themselves, their community and the government in ensuring that the future generation is healthy, prepared and ready.


It provided an opportunity to all the entrepreneurs from  Kohat, Charsadda, ICT, Bahawalpur and Khoshab to share their journey from the training phase to where they are now, detailing how the programme provided them with a source of income, allowing them to better the lives of not only themselves but also their communities at large by setting up ECD centers. Then children enrolled in the ECCE centres took the stage to perform certain poems and rhymes they learnt at the centres. Later these children along with their caregiver – Parwaan entrepreneur – gave a demonstration of the environment of a Parwaan ECCE centre by showcasing how certain lessons and activities are carried out.

A youth motivation session “Purposefully Alive” was also held at the open house by motivational speaker Mr. Burhan Shah. An awareness campaign themed “5for5” highlighting the importance of early childhood education for under five years children also kicked off at the event. The chief guest presented certificates and mementos to the entrepreneurs and programme team members for recognition of their hard work and services.