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Parwaan Preschool – A School Readiness Programme


Parwaan Preschool – A School Readiness Programme, funded by DFID (Ilm Ideas 2) is launched under CGN-P’s specialized Early Childhood Development (ECD) body, Parwaan National Center of Excellence on ECD in collaboration with Ministry for Federal Education and Professional Training.

The Programme targets youth from marginalized and low income areas of the country who is educated but unemployed and has no substantial source of income.

The Parwaan Preschool programme aims to engage 6,000 young people to provide 0.5 million 3 to 5-year-old children an access to quality early childhood development education in 20 districts of Pakistan.

Programme Statistics

Programme Duration: 3 years

The programme will provide quality ECD opportunities to 72,000 (3-5 years) children

Programme Outreach: 20 districts in

  • Punjab
  • Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
  • Baluchistan
  • FATA
  • Islamabad Capital Territory

Phase I

Duration: 11 Months (April – February , 2017)

Target Districts:

  • Khushab
  • Bahawalpur
  • Kohat
  • Charsadda
  • ICT

One year ECD course will help prepare children for school and ensure their on-time enrolment.

Programme Approach

  • Continuous professional development programme for youth on entrepreneurship

concepts and ECD pedagogical skills.

  • Entrepreneurial Training of 135 entrepreneurs
  • Developed one year course based on National ECE curriculum 2007.
  • Partnership with Federal and Provincial education and health departments
  • Engage local body representatives at all levels
  • Formed parliamentary alliance for ECD in collaboration with SDG task force.
  • Coordinating closely with Health Department to engage lady health workers to provide services regarding immunization and stunting to children in the ECD centers and their referral for health services.
  • Financial access to youth for sustainability and scalability of ECD centers


Training of Entrepreneurs

CGN-P conducted a 6 week training, comprising of cycle 1 and cycle 2, of 135 entrepreneurs in ECD pedagogy and entrepreneurship skills. The 6 weeks training of entrepreneurs of cycle-1 training was held from July 11th – August 19th, 2016. A total of 135 entrepreneurs (male: 38, female: 97) attended the workshop. The training simultaneously carried out in five districts i.e. Islamabad, Khushab, Bahawalpur, Kohat and Charsadda.

All themes related to ECD, entrepreneurial ship and management were covered in the training and the entrepreneurs demonstrated their skills through presentations and group activities. After completion of training of entrepreneurship in five districts, certificate distribution ceremony was carried out in which various stakeholders and LGs representatives also participated has completed in all five intervention districts.  


Community Orientation Meetings

CGN-P conducted meetings with community members, primary school head teachers, representatives of district education department and LG representatives where the programme and the entrepreneur was introduced in the community.

A total 78 awareness sessions have been conducted in this quarter. Total participants of awareness sessions were 2410 both male and female exceeding the initial target of 1750 during the first phase.

The sessions sensitized parents on significance of early years learning, increase enrolment of children in the ECD centers and to develop ownership of the programme in the communities.



Establishment of ECD Centers

86 ECD centers have been established out of a total of 135 entrepreneurs where 1224 children of marginalized areas have been enrolled. 

Development of ECD Standards

CGN-P developed Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale comprising of 29 standards. The standards ensure the provision of quality learning opportunities and environment to children of ECD centres. CGN-P monitoring department will assess the performance of all ECD centres and those that meet the standards will be awarded quality assurance certificate by CGN-P.

Printing of the Daily Lesson Plans

CGN-P developed a one year daily lesson plan course for ECD Children age (3-5) years based on the National Early Childhood Curriculum and research based ECD methodologies. 180 daily lesson plans for 36 weeks has been printed and distributed to the entrepreneurs. This will be used by entrepreneurs/ facilitators during daily activities of the centres leading children towards school readiness.


Distribution of School Readiness Kit

Out of a total 86 centres that have been opened, 53 centres have been provided with school readiness kits. The kits comprises basic items such as rugs and cupboards, academic material, basic mathematical concepts, creative art corner, Science corner, home corner, hygiene kit, first aid kit and sport kit. The kits have been given to only those centres that fulfil the agreed standards for the centres to be opened. 

Establishment of Parliamentary Alliance on ECD (PAE)

Established a Parliamentary Alliance on ECD (PAE) in collaboration with SDG Task Force. It will take up the agenda of early childhood development at different levels for policy recommendations.

Formation of National Technical Advisory Group (NTAG)

CGN-P formed NTAG on ECD comprising of 33 representatives from well-known private, public organizations and academia, working in Early Childhood Development sector. NTAG has so far held two meetings, the first being an inaugural meeting whereas in the second, the members discussed the programme elaborately and provided their feedback on the programme’s resource material. NTAG provides technical input and feedback regarding the programme for the improvement of the programme.

Provision of Financial access to ECD Centers

The majority youth named the ‘entrepreneurs’ under the programme do not have a stable source of income despite being literate. Therefore CGN-P is taking substantial measures to provide technical assistance to the entrepreneurs for their ECD centers. In effect of their efforts, CGN-P signed an MOU with Akhuwat to provide financial assistance to 43 entrepreneurs while negotiations with Khushhali Bank and Prime Minister Youth Loan are underway.

Collaboration with Health Departments

For the holistic development children, it is necessary to integrate the ECD centers with the health department and education department. Therefore, CGN-P aims to link the ECD centers with the provincial and federal health department.  As a result, Lady Health Workers will be engaged in the ECD centers to provide immunization, polio vaccination services and awareness regarding stunting and health and nutrition to mothers of the children in the ECD centers.

Messages to entrepreneurs

Parwaan Preschool Programme initiated its SMS Service for the members of the Parwaan Network.
The service is introduced to stay connected to the Entrepreneurs and provide information and assistance to them virtually on a regular basis through text messages. Parwaan Team felt the need to ensure that the Entrepreneurs have a direct link with the Head Office, no matter in which district they are. Bringing the Entrepreneurs in this virtually connected network will not only help them focus on their goals but also create a sense of unity which will make the Entrepreneurs feel that they and the Parwaan Head Office are one entity. 

Click on the link below to read the September issue of the Parwaan Preschool Programme Newsletter