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Status of ECED in Pakistan

Early Childhood Education and Development is still in its nascent stages in Pakistan where majority of the population is unaware about the concept and its significance. Meager interventions have been taken at the national and provincial level which is symbolic of how ECED remains largely absent in our educational and health policies. Below mentioned statistics illustrate this disquieting situation.


  • 6.7 million primary school age children are out of school, of which 55% are girls. (EFA Global Monitoring Report 2015)
  • 42 % of National-Urban children and 61 % of National-Rural children are out of ECE schools. (ASER’ 2014)
  • 51-60% children in Punjab, 41-50 % in KPK, 41-50% in Sindh and below 30% in Baluchistan are in pre-school. (ASER’ 2014)
  • 63% of children aged three to five years are not receiving any education related to early childhood development. (The state of Pakistan’s children 2012, SPARC)
  • 70% of early childhood education is provided by low-cost private sector institutions.
  • Only 64% of the entire population of children reach the last grade of primary school. (UNICEF 2013)

Health And Nutrition

  • More than half the children, (52-57%) in Pakistan under the age of five are stunted or wasted (Global Nutrition Report (GNR) 2015).
  • Pakistan has only been able to meet one nutrition target amongst the five outlined in the World Health Assemble Targets (GNR 2015).
  • Infant mortality rate: 74 per 1,000 live births – Pakistan Demographic & Health Survey (PDHS) 2013.
  • Full immunization rates: 56% (males) and 52% (females) – PDHS 2013
  • Almost 40% of children are underweight. Malnutrition costs the country Rs. 200 billion every year (equivalent to more than 5% of GNP) in lost lives, disability and productivity.
  • 306 cases of polio were reported from all over the country in 2014. (End Polio Pakistan Report 2014).
  • Only 43 to 48 per cent children under five years of age in Pakistan are growing healthily (GNR 2015).