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President’s Message


Today in Pakistan, poverty, deprivations, violence, abuse, conflict, insufficient nurturing and care, and limited social interaction and stimulation have devastating lifelong effects on our young children.

Pakistan –has a population of 200 million people out of which 22.4 million children are under four years of age. Nearly forty percent under five years of age suffer from malnutrition while 31% of children age five are out of school. (NIPS Report' 13).

To address these daunting challenges faced by early years children of Pakistan, Parwaan is set up by the Ministry of Federal Education & Professional Training in collaboration with Children’s Global Network Pakistan which serves as a National Apex institution with the focus on achieving SDG goal 4.2

Parwaan is geared to widen attention from children’s survival to their full development, employing comprehensive, integrated multi-dimensional approach that engage all sectors—education, family and social protection, health, and nutrition.

We at Parwaan, believe that early human development is a powerful equalizer, as investments in early childhood yield significant long-term socio-economic benefits that narrow the gap between high- and low-income families. Investing in disadvantaged young children promotes not only fairness and social justice but also stimulates productivity in the economy and in society at large. It promotes environmental sensitivity, and can prove to be a panacea for the inter-generational vicious cycle of poverty which has been the plight of scores of Pakistanis.

We are committed to providing the best for the most marginalized and we believe that no institution public or private can work in silos. Hence, Parwaan looks forward to being the interlocutor between health care, educational entities and other stakeholders to advance the agenda on and investment in Early Childhood Education and Development for (0-3 and 3-6) years.


Mehnaz Aziz